13 Rock Solid Tips For Landing Page That Converts

Salan Khalkho
Last Updated: 03 Aug, 2019

High converting landing page are easy and compelling. These are often standalone web pages with a focus on single call to action. It should incorporate Effective Headline, Savvy Layout, Tidy Visuals, Testimonials & Social Proof to make it a lead magnet for you.

Learn how you can make landing page a positive user experience for your target audience.

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There is more to traffic and click-through rate.

Yep...that's right!

If you have secured your presence on Google search for the most prized keywords in your industry and you also have catchy titles that yields excellent click-through-rate.

Then your Google search console should look something like below:


But, Where are the clients???

Everything drills down to one simple thing, if we are not generating sales, it's not happening.

Bringing traffic to the website is just one part of the equation, the other part is converting the traffic to actual sales.

If the traffic comes to your website, and your landing pages for sales is not optimized, the visitor (potential customer) will have no idea what to do on your website.

Here an effective CTA (Call to action) will help visitors (potential customers in the buying state of mind) take action that leads to sales.

But besides an effective CTA, there are few important attributes of an effective Landing Pages for sales. This article will show you to effective en-cash the traffic that comes to your website.

A Landing page is a web page situated at the end of a marketing channel. The purpose of the landing page is to secure sales for products and services offered by you. The only purpose of the landing page is to convert visitors into customers.

A sales landing page is different from other pages of the website because it is entirely focused on just one thing - User Action. Whether you want your users to buy services or you want to harvest their email ID, users will need to take an action.

But whether users will really take the action you intend will depends on a few attributes that we will discuss in this article.

1. Headline that Make Promises and Catches Attention

With so much of noise online, how do you get people to read blogs or landing page? As quickly visitors comes to your website, they will leave your website and go away. Therefore make your promises clear and catchy that reflects value.

Different headlines work for different page and user goals, yet there are some basic guidelines that is applicable to most landing page headlines:

  • Specific message
  • Succinct
  • Focuses on just one CTA
  • Quickly and clearly reflects what visitors can expect

If you have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that you know people want. You can include it in the headline.

The unique selling proposition for Health.vic.gov.au is the easy availability of Nurse on Call.

Let’s accept the fact that not everyone dropping on your website will really know much about you. But the most likely reason they are there on your website is because they have been searching the service you provide on Google or may be they have come through PPC ads.

There are all chances that visitors to your website have also opened your competitors website on other tabs. If they don’t find what they are looking for in a quick glance on your website,they will move on to your competitor’s website.

One of the best things you can do is to promise a great result of some kind.

Check out this ad above from Adpushup. It promises a result “33%” and it is eliminating a pain point. Adpushup understands that there is a constant struggle involved in increasing ad revenue for their target customers. It’s a pain point that they are addressing. If you are aware of any objection that visitors may have, address it clearly, if possible with proof.

Often the ideas for the best headline will come from the words your customers use. You can find this by visiting forums, Quora and through customer surveys. This will let you know their pain, requirements and their expected solution. Equipped with this information you will be in a far better position to write high converting headlines.

2. Stories that connect

Science has proved that we humans are hardwired for stories. Our children tend to learn and understand more easily when we teach them through stories. The same thing goes while building brand, however you have to be authentic. In the last few years more and more brands have used the art of storytelling to transform their presence and identity.

People tend to easily connect when they find something that has a story. You as a business owner or a marketing head, will need to come up with a genuine story that builds instant connection with them. People love to hear stories because it gives them reason to trust your brand. They want to know how you came up with the offer, what pain point your product addresses, and your journey.

Telling your story is a critical part of building your brand. Stories help customers to forge a connection with you and your brand. If you do it right, you build a thriving business. Where people love to buy your product or service simply because they love what you do and what you stand for. And they will know this only through the stories that you tell.

Story should be simple that users can easily connect to and it should also be conceptually straightforward:

  • Problem - The problem you set out to solve
  • Solution - How you have solved it?
  • Success - Show the success it has produced

We don’t need to pack anything more to the story. Doing so will may cost momentum that is critical to success. While you may be a great fan of complex Harry Potter plot, simple stories work best for building brand and helping customers understand how the product or service will address their pain areas and solve a problem for them.

Effective storytelling successfully balances emotion with just the right amount of information. It simplifies big ideas in a way that sticks in people’s minds. Great stories packs surprises, delights, and make audiences think and feel, and motivates them to act in ways that pure numbers cannot.

Quantitative analysis give good enough reason to hire a service or buy a product but it doesn't inspire the readers to act. When you wrap your vision in a story that fires the imagination and stirs the soul, readers feel compelled to buy your product.

3. Include subheads

The heading of the landing page make promises and catches attention. The subheading further explain the offer and share the USP (unique Selling Proposition. People have the habit to quickly scan the document to find the information they are specifically looking for and to also understand the offerings. Use the subheading to discuss the actual offers. Subheadings provide a more detailed explanation of value you are offering.

Here is an example by Amy Porterfield (amyporterfield.com)

You have typically 8 seconds to catch your prospective customer's attention before they move on to your competitor's website. So just make sure sub-headings are short, informative and catchy. Your heading should be:

  • Able to explain the benefits clearly
  • Within one sentence
  • And should tie the message back to the main headline

Another example (http://getaskbook.com/free-book-offer/)

4. Use Testimonials to build trust

People want to buy from those they trust. Your business credibility is your most potent currency in the business world. Bullet list of features and benefits and the unique selling proposition will render meaningless if your landing page fails to build credibility among visitors. Your credibility is the differentiating factor that gets people to give you their money in today’s digital marketplace.

The purpose of landing pages for sales is to generate leads. Embed credibility-builders throughout your landing page copy and design to maximise your conversion rate. Some of the landing page elements that help build instant credibility includes testimonials, social proof, certification logo, co-branding and endorsements.

Testimonials work in a great way to build credibility. But don’t use false testimonials. Never make over-enthusiastic statements or stock photos. You will look unauthentic. If you don’t have any testimonials to show on your website, work your way to get one. If you are determined to genuinely help your customers, sooner or later you will get a great personal story from one of your clients that can make people trust that your product or services have affected someone else’s life positively. But if you don’t have one, just don’t make one.

Example of a testimonial

Here is another example

5. Social Proof & Reviews

Social proofs come from clients who have used your services in the past. It is the best tools to support your claims on your landing page because the clients know that the social proofs come from sources that have no financial interest in your business. They are the unbiased sources for your prospective clients.

In a study conducted by the BrightLocal.com in 2013, about 73% of the responded said that positive online reviews increases their trust in a business.

6. Certification logos and third-party seals of approval

This is an age old proven technique to build trust. If you are associated with any company such as Verisign, The Better Business Bureau, McAfee, TRUSTe, show it proudly on your landing pages for sales. But make sure to use only well known, important and relevant brands.

Third-party seals of approval presents visual indicators for visitors that tell them that trusted organizations are vouching for your credibility. Place relevant seals in prominent places on your landing page. One of the best places is to place them is - near your form heading or form "Submit" button.

7. Co-branding

Work out a co-branding opportunity with affiliates or other well recognized brand. Just make sure the brand you are going to associate for marketing is complimenting your service or closely related. Having another brand present on your landing pages for sales, that people trust will lead to greater sense of trust and confidence. This kind of association adds another visible partner on your page increasing your credibility. This is especially true if they are an important brand themselves.

In the example below Coca-Cola paired with OPI - nail polish and lipstick brand, for one of their campaigns. This co-branding opportunity worked because female customer segment is important to both the brands.

8. Endorsement by brands and celebrity

If you have affiliations with famous people or you can work with an agency that works with influencers, you can use endorsements to build credibility. If a potential customer is not sure about his or her buying decision, they may suspend that doubt just because celebrities or brands promoting it are placing their credibility on the line.

9. Show a phone number

No visitor on the landing page is going to call you, but simply having a phone number on the landing page shows that you are legitimate and there are real people at the end of the line. Customers want to deal with real people they can talk to also that they are approachable. In rare cases where people are not comfortable with online transactions, but like your offer can call up.

Including phone numbers and contact details shows that you're a real company with real people working there. Google’s recent survey revealed that 47% of mobile search users are more likely to buy services from websites that have their phone numbers prominently displayed.

10. Make it risk free - Money-Back Guarantee

Guarantees are signs of trust and trustworthiness. Economic scholars believe that market-level factors create in consumers' minds the notion that a guarantee is their intrinsic right.

Guarantee make your customers feel confident in buying. If you don’t give guarantee, it passes an indirect notion that you don’t believe in your product enough to make sure that your customers will get the results they’re looking for.

11. Create sense of urgency

The majority of us are procrastinators, which means we tend to put things until the last minute. That’s the reason why most people take so much time to make a decision. If your landing pages for sales is struggling to get clicks and conversions, you can create a sense of urgency to cut the time spent in decision making and encourage actual action.

A strong sense of urgency is important if you want your visitors to take action. Urgency is an extremely powerful aspect of human psychology. It breaks their thought process that prevents them from waiting too long to act.

A sense of urgency makes people respond to your call-to-action quicker then they would normally take. In fact it can lead to astronomical improvement in your conversion rates. Most visitors may never visit your landing page again and that's kind of loss of potential sales.

12. Persuasive Call To Action

There is nothing more important than a perfect call-to-action on your landing page. A captivating and clickable call-to-action (CTA) buttons will encourage visitors to purchase, sign up, request a demo, or take whatever intended action you want them to take.

Place call-to-action (CTA) at the top and bottom of the page to make it easy for users to locate CTA button without the need to scroll the page up or down. A floating CTA button is also a good option that always remains visible.

The message in the CTA and the heading of the landing page should correspond. If there is any difference in the heading and the call to action, it will only create confusion. In the worst case scenario, visitors may be left wondering whether the CTA is linked to the wrong page. Your best bet is to remove any reason that can create confusion. Make sure your text content reflects what you’ve promised in your call to action.

13. Good Designs Matters

Looks matter when it comes to landing pages for sales. Unprofessional design pass on the message that either you are not serious about your product or you just can’t afford to hire a good designer for your work. In both the cases, it will only drive customers away from your website.

The fact is, the more expensive your landing page (and your website) looks, the more people will believe your story. Even with good design in place, you will still need the right call to action and landing page copy. But a perfect design can get you halfway to converting a timid first-base date into a home run.

Your landing pages for sales should look like as if it's maintained by a reputable business. Not to mention, professionalism extends beyond spelling and grammar. The layout and design of your landing pages has a subtle effect on your visitors. If it makes them feel comfortable and at home, they will be more willing to fill out the form.

Salan Khalkho
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