How to become a Best marketer

Last Updated: 22 Aug, 2019

Follow three core principles of marketing

best marketer

Communication (be it written or vocal) is something which every living human performs to transfer information.

And when it is done with a purpose to sell something then it becomes marketing.

When you propose to a girl/boy you sell on how much you love them

When you convince your parents to pick a career of your choice, you sell on how that career can change your life

When you go for a job interview, you sell on how skillful you are to get the job done

Does that mean, everyone of us are a salesman who sell something everyday?

You can easily find the answer by thinking when was the last time you asked for something and got it, and you will feel that other person was sold to it.

People who practice this skill everyday on-purpose become marketers. And people who deliberately practice this skill to achieve consistent results become best marketers.

There is no sure shot method to become the best, but there are principles which when followed will lead you toward the best:


To become the best marketer, you need to go out there, meet people, connect, relate and engage. Your dream of becoming the best cannot be achieved by just sitting behind the screen.

When you know what they want, or what NEW thing can make their life better, than your half work is already done.

Get back to your product, match up its benefit and values with user requirements and communicate.

Acting as a bridge between product and users, you need to find an effective way on how to bridge the gap.  

Best way? Consider yourself as a end-user or become the one and feel how that product is solving your problems to make your life better!


Start rolling out your campaigns to communicate about the benefits of your product. 

As a marketer your communication skills have to be at best if you want to be successful, be it written skills or oral.

If you are unable to convey the right message, if you are unable to engage users then you need to change. Learn more!


Change is the only constant.

We change, evolve and transform time by time.

Our liking keep on changing and that’s why there is no sure shot method and will never be, for successful marketing.

Marketing is changing at rapid speed like never before and there is a plethora of data to analyze.

You have to be on your toes to learn more about everything new.


Marketing budget is an investment being done to engage more and more users.

An investment is only done when you know the ROIs.

As a best marketer you need to analyze ROIs from your marketing actions.

Have a growth metrics which measures key components required to achieve marketing goals.

Connect-Execute-Learn-Analyze to become the Best Marketer!

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