3 Ways Content Marketing Can Boost Lead Conversion

Salan Khalkho
Last Updated: 02 Sep, 2019

Content Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to increase the value of your leads and boosts conversion. According to a survey conducted in 2018 by the Content Marketing Institute, only about 24% of businesses online take full advantage of content marketing. If you are a Startup or a business just starting out, this should perhaps be a good news for you. That's because if content marketing is in your agenda, you have higher chances to succeed because of low competition.

Here are three ways content marketing can boos lead conversion and help your business stay ahead of the competition. 

1. Increased chances of leads conversion

There is no end to the amount of money you can spend to create awareness about your business. Yet,  there is no way you can guarantee that people will come to your business, and even if they come to your business, they will spend money on your service. The money that you spend to drive traffic to your website will be wasted if it does not lead to conversion and sales. But the money spent on content creation as part of content marketing will never be wasted. The content created will add up to  your content inventory and will continue to drive for many years to come. 

Content marketing is an activity business keep in touch with people through useful content.  after people have read the content from your website for a month, your brand will form an authority figure in their minds.  When they finally decide to go for the service, your business will have higher chances to score that sales because they have become familiar with your brand and have started to trust your business. Studies have found that brands that work on nurturing the leads, get 50% more sales compared to their competitors who don’t have any content marketing strategy. 

Remember that nurturing lead is an extremely important activity of content marketing. Here are some ways in which your business can interact with potential customers and stay in touch with them. 

  • Keep the blog section of your website regularly updated with fresh and useful articles.  This is because your potential customers will interact with your business in a number of ways including visiting your blog and websites. The more content you have on your blog the better chance you have to show up in the organic Google search results, when your potential customers search for solution to their problems. The key is to consistently produce content that aims to genuinely help the customers. 
  • Through email communications,  you can suggest  them targeted content based on their previous engagement with you. 
  • Many potential customers will be following you on various social media. You should make sure to supply regular content suitable for those platforms.  You can even share useful third party information on these platform. 
  • Keep the content educational and useful and should display your expertise But without selling yourself directly. 

2.  Generate more traffic and leads

According to Hubspot, about 61 percent of businesses consider their biggest challenge as generating leads and traffic for their business. The above stats might not give you much clue in isolation. But when you combine this number with the fact that only about 18% of marketers considered outbound marketing as an efficient means to generate high quality sales leads and about 80% marketers consider that their business is not using content marketing efficiently. The picture becomes clear that content marketing is a sure way to generate more traffic and leads for your business. 

website traffic with content marketing

Businesses that execute content marketing strategies properly benefit from increased traffic and have a regular flow of high quality leads for their sales team which is essential to stay ahead of the competition. Here are a few steps that you can follow to generate more traffic and leads for your business:

  • Do a research to find out what competitors are doing as part of their content marketing activities and the results that they are achieving. 
  • You may never know exactly what’s working for them, but you will have a good idea through likes, shares and comments they are receiving on their articles and videos. These are good indications that that shows how the audience is reacting. 
  • You can also follow your instincts too. For example  if something engages you, there are all chances that it will engage others too. 

You can prepare a list of all these findings and then work on these ideas and improve upon them to yield even better results from your own content marketing activities. 

3. Conquer new territories

There is a great portion of population that may have never heard of you. Content marketing is a good way to reach out to them. The beauty of content marketing is that it lets your prospective customers know about you before they even trust your brand enough to buy your product or services. 

Studies have found that about 60% prospects have little or no knowledge about the specific business when they are contacted by the sales representatives. Obviously this makes the job of sales representative extremely difficult because the potential customer is not familiar with the brand. Therefore it is very important that your brand should have built some level of trust before the potential customers start to look of paid options or else you are just wasting your sales team’s time and money.

Here are some ways in which content marketing can help your business build trust and brand recognition:

  • By offering helpful content that creates awareness to a particular problem, and provides genuine solutions.
  • Educate them about the tools they need to resolve some top-level issues themselves.
  • Turn your business blog into a trusted source of high-quality information.


Content marketing is not about pitching your product or shameless brand promotion. Rather, it's all about giving value to prospective customers and helping them with genuine solutions. The prospective customers can quickly identify between a sales copy and a helpful guide. When you present yourself as a genuine source of information for all their problems, you become a trusted and reliable source to solve their problems. When they are ready to upgrade to paid services, you will be on the top of their mind as a trusted vendor. 

Salan Khalkho
Salan Khalkho is the Content Head at InboundNation.com and a serial blogger who has helped several blogs achieve millions of traffic per month. He has over 8 years of content marketing experience and has led the content marketing strategy for 200+ companies. He also owns and runs several successful websites in a variety of niches.
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